13 2 / 2012

Meet my “Official Valentine’s Day Nails”!

These were super simple…I just painted my three nails pink and then used the Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips that I posted about before…but I did use one on my thumb as well this time.

Just one thing though- if you get the nail polish strips and open the sealed package they come in, you must use them all. I didn’t the last time and was really upset to find that they were completely dried out and unusable!

So, yeah…just a quick and simple post! I hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day :)

09 2 / 2012

This purple glitter gradient look is super easy. I just painted my nails a lavender color, using Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear “Lovely Lilac”. Then, using a makeup sponge (the wedge shaped one) I applied my glitter polish starting at the top of my nail and working my way down to about the halfway point. Using a sponge just lets you have much lighter coverage, helping with the gradient. Lastly, I took the glitter polish (Milani Nail Lacquer 3D Holographic 514 “Hi-Res”) and brushed it just onto the tip of my nail.

The result is a subtle, sparkly, completely girl look, great for Valentine’s Day or any other day!