09 2 / 2012

This purple glitter gradient look is super easy. I just painted my nails a lavender color, using Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear “Lovely Lilac”. Then, using a makeup sponge (the wedge shaped one) I applied my glitter polish starting at the top of my nail and working my way down to about the halfway point. Using a sponge just lets you have much lighter coverage, helping with the gradient. Lastly, I took the glitter polish (Milani Nail Lacquer 3D Holographic 514 “Hi-Res”) and brushed it just onto the tip of my nail.

The result is a subtle, sparkly, completely girl look, great for Valentine’s Day or any other day!

24 1 / 2012

This is Revlon’s 761 “Scandalous”…and I’m pretty sure it’s just a re-release of “Facets of Fuchsia” which was a limited edition polish. The only slight, tiny, barely visible difference I could see is that “Scandalous” may be, like, half a shade lighter than “Facets of Fuchsia”.

I’m kind of on the fence about this color. It’s a lot darker than I usually go, but I like the different sizes of glitter in it. It is sort of more of a statement polish.

The coverage is pretty good- pictured here is three coats, just because I wanted to have a lot of sparkles, but it covered opaque in two coats.

But! The best part about this polish is the price. It pretty much retails for $5-$7 and it is pretty much an exact dupe for Deborah Lippman’s “Bad Romance”, except that it doesn’t have quite as much glitter to it.

So, if you’ve been drooling after “Bad Romance” or were sad you missed out on purchasing “Facets of Fuchsia” or you just want something a littler bolder to wear for these last few winter months before the bright spring colors hit…I would definitely recommend checking out “Scandalous” :)

03 12 / 2011

Okay, so I know this look has been done several times before, but this has my own little variations thrown in here and there. You can certainly use whatever color you want, just make sure that each shade has the same underlying tone. i.e- some purples have more red undertones than blue- make sure that both your colored polishes have the same undertone.

1) Paint your nails a light, opaque color. I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Color in “Blue-Away”. Let this dry completely.

2) Paint a little bit of your darker color (I used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails X-Treme wear in number 04- “Blue Me Away!”) onto a makeup sponge.

3) Bend the sponge and blot it onto your nails- beginning in the middle of your nail and working your way up towards the tip.The result should be the beginning of a light gradient, as pictured. Let dry.

4) Next, you’re going to want to take your darker color polish and paint the tip of your nail. Make sure that your lines aren’t exactly straight- softer lines will lead to a softer gradient effect. Let this dry.

5) Paint over your entire nail with a glitter polish. I used Revlon’s 934 “Blue Mosaic”. I really like it because it has a blue tint to the polish itself, blurring the lines of the gradient. I also like the chunks and flecks of blue, silver, and green glitter- I think it adds a lot of depth to the look. 

6) Add some sort of top coat. I usually use Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry Ant-Chip top coat. It dries in only thirty seconds and leaves the nails super glossy!

The result is a really pretty, sparkly, tri-tone effect that is fun for all-year round!