01 8 / 2012

Caviar nails round two!

This time, I used Loreal’s #530 “Now You Sea Me” (two coats) and silver microbeads purchased at the craft store.

I love the simplicity of this look, with just a small pop of detail on the ring finger.

07 7 / 2012

I resisted this trend for the longest time…I wasn’t sure if I liked it and I didn’t really want to delve into something that everyone else was doing.

But I finally caved, and I’m so glad I did!

I didn’t buy the Ciate kit, which runs about $25 at Sephora.

Instead, I bought a multi-pack of microbeads at the craft store, which after a coupon came to $4. Can’t beat that!

I used Revlon’s “Peachy” & “Minted” with clear/irridescent microbeads. I absolutely love the way that the polish looks showing through!

I painted all of my nails with one coat, let it dry completely, and then went through with the second coat & worked with each nail individually, pouring the microbeads over the wet polish.

It really couldn’t be easier…the biggest tip I can give you is to not use a top coat or to only use it on the very tips of your nails. The topcoat more or less ruins the effect.

Let your nails dry completely (about a half hour) and enjoy!

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