27 3 / 2012

These dual-tone nails are probably some of my favorites ever!

It’s super simple too!

First, paint your entire nail bed one color. I used Funky Fingers “Taffy Town”, though I don’t recommend this polish too much because it takes about 3 coats for opacity and it has a very dull finish. Make sure you begin with the lighter color!

Second, let it dry completely. Then, take small pieces of scotch tape and tape it through the middle of your nail on a diagonal. You may want to get a friend to help with this, just to make sure it’s all straight!

Third, paint your second color. I used Revlon’s “Siren”, my favorite fiery orange color. If you use a color darker than the base coat, it should only take one coat to achieve opacity.

Fourth, peel the tape off when your nails are still tacky. I would suggest waiting about two minutes, but if you have quick dry polish you may want to do it earlier. This is important so that the tape doesn’t take off any polish with it.

Fifth, (optional!) take a nail art brush or pen and paint a thin line where the two colors meet. I used Color Club’s Art Club in “Fine Gold”.

Finally, top it all off with a topcoat! Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri No-Chip topcoat is my absolute favorite, as it dries quick and makes your nails super glossy.

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